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Software Development

Sandacre is a software engineering consultancy which develops and delivers software tailored to your organisation. We carefully discuss your requirements, and even if you're not exactly sure of what you need, we can help to define your goals.

After taking delivery of your software we provide continuing help and support. We recognise that your needs evolve over time and believe that your software should evolve with you.


We have developed innovative solutions for organisations in a variety of sectors including scientific, medical and charitable. The following is a selection of projects which we have completed and are proud to continue to support and develop.


AngleGrinder is a desktop application developed for researchers in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto, Canada. It makes use of 3D modelling libraries to display random polyhedrons to subjects and gather their responses. The results have advanced our understanding of how the human brain perceives 3D objects represented in 2D.

ReachOut! Mentoring

ReachOut! is a charity based in Manchester, UK. It develops and supports mentoring relationships with young people to inspire them to learn new skills and broaden their horizons. We developed a web application to help mentors manage their mentoring tasks. We continue to host, administer and support this application for ReachOut! There are over 1,000 registered users.


We developed an application for a small surgery to help track doctors' consultations and surgical procedures. The previous paper-based process was inefficient and error-prone and the paper records difficult to search and back up. We automated that process and the resulting application tracks over 3,000 consultations and procedures.

About Us

Safe Hammad

Safe Hammad is the founder and Managing Director of Sandacre. After studying medicine at Oxford University and completing his clinical training in London, he pursued a career in IT, his passion from a young age.

He spent several years as a Technology Analyst at Goldman Sachs in London then took a role as Chief Technology Officer at NewField IT, a tech startup company. He now spends his time solving small problems that make a large difference.

Learn more about Safe Hammad on his personal blog and twitter feed.

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